Tuesday, 05 September 2017

Svay Rieng as destination for the last meeting

Svay Rieng as destination for the last meeting

Next Consortium Board meeting will be arranged at Svay Rieng University in Svay Rieng province, Cambodia. 

After the celebration of the Kick-of meeting at UBB in Battambang in February 2016 and the second in-person meeting at CSUK in Kampong Cham in November 2016, Svay Rieng University (SRU) will held the last Consortium Board meeting in the framework of the UNICAM project. SRU is a public university located on NR No. 1 in Svay Rieng province in the southeast part of the Kingdom of Cambodia and its Faculty of Agriculture offers a Bachelors of Science in Rural Development and Agronomy as well as, a Master's programme on Sustainable Agriculture with the support of the UNICAM project based on the reality of development and social needs in Cambodia (please see kindly this link for further information). 

The meeting will feature the participation of one representative (academic or administrative) of each Programme country (UNIVAQ, UGENT, UPS and UdG) and Partner country (UBB, MCU, CSUK and SRU) and will be focused mainly on:

  • The arrangment of the exchange programmes for students of the Master of Science in Sustainable Agriculture (MSA). Five students from each Cambodian university will have the opportunity to develop their master thesis at one of the European universities in Spring 2018. 
  • The assessment of the first and second year'activities: Research stays, intensive Advanced Training Courses (int-ATCs), extensive Advanced Training courses (ext-ATCs), Consortium Board meetings, etc.
  • The assessment of the current financial state and Technical implementaiton reports. 
  • Planning of the upcoming activities for the third year of the project. 


We look forward to seeing you!