Special issue on Asian Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Safety

Scope: The agricultural and environmental safety ensures the food safety and security and textile needs for the current and future generations. The aim of this special issue (SI) is to present original research articles on all kinds of smart and effective computation techniques and technologies for the agricultural and environmental safety. In this SI, we seek original work focused on addressing new research and development challenges, developing effective techniques, advanced information technology and computation solutions for sustainable agriculture.

The journal publishes original work by Cambodian and foreign scientists on all aspects of Cambodian sustainable agriculture and agroecology, including transitions towards agricultural and rural sustainability at farm, community, regional, national and international levels, and through food supply chains. All papers are peer-reviewed by leading national and international scientists and published in English.


Topics covered include

  • Innovative practices of sustainable agriculture
  • Cropping systems and soil health
  • Agroecology and sustainable food systems
  • Agriculture-environment interactions
  • Economic, social, and philosophical aspects of sustainable agriculture
  • Multifunctional landscapes, conservation, and environmental services
  • Small scale farming and mechanization
  • Crop, and animal value chain
  • Sustainable fisheries, aquaculture, and marine production


Important Dates

  • Abstract submission: 20 September
  • Manuscript due date: 20 October
  • First decision notification: 20 November
  • Tentative publication schedule: 15 December

Abstract submission here


Guest Editors

Dr. Ricky Bates, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Email: rmb30@psu.edu

Dr. Hendri Bustamam, Bengkulu University, Indonesia
Email: hendri_bustamam@yahoo.com

Dr. David Ader, University of Tennessee, USA
Email: dader@utk.edu



Sovan Lek, Ph.D.


Associate Editor

Helena Guasch, Ph.D.
Peter Goethals, Ph.D.
Tuantong Jutagate, Ph.D.



Pao Srean, Ph.D