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Growth performance and feed intake by cattle fed sorghum silage and rice straw 

Pao Srean1*, Mach Din1, Koemseang Nhoung1, Sophany Morm1, Endang Sulistyowati2, David Ader3

 1Faculty of Agriculture and Food Processing, University of Battambang, Battambang 020101, Cambodia;
2Animal Science Department, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bengkulu, Indonesia; 
3University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, Smith International Center, 2640 Morgan Circle Drive, Knoxville, TN 37996 USA.
* Corresponding author: Email:


Feed shortage is a critical constraint for scaling-up of cattle production and productivity in Cambodia. This study aims to assess growth performance and feed intake by cattle fed sorghum silage and rice straw. Cattle (n = 18) with a variety of ages (8 to 72 months old), and body weights (66.0 to 246.6 kg) were used in the feeding test. The cattle were dived into two groups; one group was fed rice straw, and the other sorghum silage. The results suggested that use of sorghum silage provides a better fibre source for gaining weight quickly after an initial adjustment period. For cattle with a low body condition, as they start the trial, the cattle consumed nutrition for body maintenance before consuming for body weight gain. The sorghum silage had better nutrient contents, higher crude protein, lower crude fibre, and higher energy contents than other forages and provided better growth performance and feed intake of cattle.

Keywords: Buffalo-Hariana breed, Cambodian cattle, forage, feeding test.